Partnering With Us

Partnering With Partners First Cardiology

We help you maintain and grow profitability in an uncertain and constantly evolving healthcare environment. A partnership with Partners First Cardiology provides a foundation to leverage scale efficiencies related to shared services, consolidated payor and supplier contracting. We also have the ability to take advantage of favorable interest rates and capital investment.


Our experienced team can help you take control of your practice and deliver peace-of-mind. When you partner with Partners First Cardiology, you can immediately benefit from a world-class healthcare service organization that will take care of your current administrative challenges – enabling you to focus on providing quality patient care.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Our nationwide network of dedicated compliance professionals is committed to understanding and assisting the implementation of complex and complicated regulatory compliance requirements, including authorization, billing, quality, patient experience, pricing, Joint Commission, and more.

Risk Mitigation

In order to achieve financial independence, sustainability and predictable growth, it is critical to reduce risk for your cardiology practice. Our risk experts help our partners leverage data to identify opportunities to mitigate risk through value-based contracts, ACOs and more. Your practice will benefit from being part of a larger organization that can absorb more risk – giving you strength and stability through our collective partnerships.

Concentration of Excellence – Realizing Efficiency through Shared Services

Our shared services model helps you realize efficiencies you cannot achieve on your own. When you are part of a larger entity, you’ll be able to provide enhanced patient care and proactively managing patients to improve outcomes. For instance, Partners First Cardiology will provide a call center that specifically addresses each patient through the care cycle. These built in touch points will ultimately help you generate more positive outcomes and provide you with data that continually improves the quality of patient care – without recreating the wheel for your practice. Additionally, once you have a process in place for patient communication, the value shifts from an expense to a revenue center as you build patient loyalty and retention.

Ready To Take Control?

If you're ready to take control of your independent cardiology practice and partner with an experienced cardiology practice management team that can help you navigate an uncertain future, we're ready to start the conversation.
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